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The Current Status of the Second Wave of Coronavirus

Coronavirus Second Wave PCT Clean

The Current Status of the Second Wave of Coronavirus


While the Coronavirus has ended up being less fatal than initially predicted, this novel viral threat has also displayed remarkable longevity. Experts are now predicting a second wave of Coronavirus with an increasing number of infections and fatalities on the horizon. In combination with the onset of the yearly flu season, this latest wave of coronavirus infections could be even more disruptive and harmful than the last. Rather than simply disappearing after a few months, COVID-19 has remained an inescapable part of daily life throughout 2020, and this virus will likely persist well into next year.


Signs that a coronavirus second wave is on the horizon


  • Cities across the USA are preparing for additional lockdown procedures
  • Europe is already in the grip of a second wave
  • Children back in school may serve as prominent carriers amid a second coronavirus wave

New York City, which has been the epicenter of coronavirus cases in the United States since early spring, will most likely enter a second wave of lockdowns over the next few weeks according to the New York Times. Serving as the bellwether of the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA, rising cases in NYC will likely translate into an increased number of cases throughout the rest of the country.

Time reports that the second wave of coronavirus cases has already begun in Europe with Eastern European countries showing the sharpest spikes in case numbers. While Europe has been hit harder than other areas of the world throughout the pandemic, it’s unlikely that this continent will be alone as the second wave of infections makes its way across the globe.

Close observers of the COVID-19 pandemic have been heartened by the remarkably low coronavirus fatality rates in children. According to BBC News, children will likely remain the least affected by COVID-19 in terms of symptoms, but they may be even more likely to infect adults during the second wave.

All signs indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. We’ve learned a lot about the novel coronavirus over the last year, and we’re more prepared than we were in January. It’s time to use the knowledge we’ve gained to take proactive measures that prevent the second wave of COVID-19 from being as destructive as the first.


What are the best ways to protect yourself during the second coronavirus wave?


Scientists have identified a variety of measures you can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In a second wave of coronavirus infections, these measures will remain prudent:

  1. Limit social contact
  2. Wear an approved face covering to avoid infecting others
  3. Regularly sanitize surfaces in shared spaces

Limiting social contact and disrupting vital amenities has led to negative impacts on mental health that have been especially prominent in children. The science is unclear regarding the risks and benefits of wearing face coverings for extended periods.

There are, however, no potential drawbacks to regularly sanitizing workplaces, homes, or other shared environments. It remains unclear exactly how long COVID-19 can survive on surfaces, but sanitizing shared environments on a regular basis prevents potential sites of infection from threatening your coworkers, students, or loved ones.

Proper sanitizing and disinfecting services can take a variety of different forms, but they all serve the same purpose: making shared spaces safe to share with others. Even though it doesn’t seem like the novel coronavirus will go away anytime soon, proper sanitizing and disinfecting will enable you to meet the pandemic’s latest challenges head-on.


Effective disinfection services are becoming more important than ever


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