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Three Reasons Our Disinfecting Services Work

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Three Reasons Our Disinfecting Services Work

It’s easy to get confused about the best way to keep your Elmhurst, IL or Kennesaw, GA home or business clean, sanitized and safe from dangerous germs. At PCT Disinfecting, we want to cut through the clutter of bad information you might be getting. Here’s a simple explanation of the reasons our specialized disinfecting services work.

1. We Cover Every Surface

You’ve heard over and over that you need to keep every surface in your home or commercial space clean and sanitized. You also know you should focus on high-touch areas. It seems simple enough, but too many people say they’re unsure if they’re getting every surface in their home or business.

With our electrostatic disinfection, you never have to worry because even surfaces you can’t reach get covered.

Where the Germs Are

Do you know what the most bacteria-ridden spots in your home and office are? According to a studyin the Journal of Applied Microbiology, germs thrive on your kitchen sink and countertops. Other studies have found the most germy spot in your bathroom is the toothbrush holder.

Electrostatic disinfection gives you 360 degrees of protection. It uses positive and negative charges to make the disinfectant stick to every surface. The technology involves electromagnetic attachment to areas you can’t clean or can’t reach.

 It Works Without Irritation

If you’re concerned about a sticky film on your surfaces, don’t worry. Our electrostatic sprayer emits a fine mist that is never slick or sticky. It doesn’t cause irritation or leave an unpleasant odor. If you’re using it in a commercial space, it won’t interfere with your work schedule or bother your customers.


2. We Stick With Safe, Proven Products

The rush to sanitize everything has people stocking up on sanitizers, bleach and other cleaning products. Unfortunately, some people have also fallen for products that claim to kill germs but aren’t really safe or effective.

One example is the UV wand. Sales of this product have shot through the roof as people rush to use it, but experts now say UV lights might be a dangerous waste of your money.

Our Sanitizer Works and Is Safe

How are we different? Our sanitizing liquid combines antimicrobial nanotechnology with hospital grade sanitizer to create a product that will kill germs on every surface. It destroys viruses of all kinds and kills microorganisms for up to 90 days.

This patented technology places microscopic “spikes” on your home or office surfaces. These spikes are invisible to the naked eye. They’re unfriendly to microbes, who must find other places to live. These spikes form a bond to the surface that creates a long-lasting, invisible layer of protection.

Our disinfecting services work on all the surfaces in your home, office or commercial building.


3. We Know the Difference Between Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Do you know the difference between disinfecting and sanitizing?

In an interview with Baltimore’s WMAR News, public health expert Lesliam Quiros-Alcala explained that sanitizing means lowering the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level.

“Disinfecting,” she said, “refers to killing germs on surfaces or objects. It works by applying chemicals such as disinfectants which have been approved for use in order to kill these germs.” 

Electrostatic Cleaners Are Great for Large Surfaces

In the same interview, the doctor described the benefits of using electrostatic devices for disinfecting large areas.

When we disinfect your home, office, restaurant or industrial space, we don’t just clean and then hope for the best. We remove dirt and grime before we sanitize and disinfect. We clean areas you might have overlooked and leave you protected for up to 90 days. 

If you own a business, a regular disinfecting schedule is key to your peace of mind. We’ll set up monthly or quarterly cleaning sessions to ensure you’re always covered. Protect your workers and your customers from germs and viruses.


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