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How To Maintain A Safe Working Environment Amid Flu and a Pandemic

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Flu Season During a Pandemic – How to Maintain a Safe Working Environment for Employees and Customers


This year, maintaining a safe working environment is of even greater importance. The flu season coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic will require extra attention to avoid spreading viruses among your employees and clients. Even though Influenza viruses are in constant circulation, most infections happen as people spend more time indoors during the late fall and winter months. Every business wants to keep their employees safe and healthy during flu season. 


Dealing with a Flu Season and Pandemic 

The good news is that many of the practices that prevent transmission of the coronavirus will also help prevent the spread of influenza viruses. If you have established safe practices to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak, your primary task during flu season will be to encourage your employees to remain diligent. 

One of the concerns for public health experts over the next few months is pandemic fatigue. People are tired of the inconvenience of following the rules. When employees get sloppy about safety, it can lead to more infections. In the worst-case scenario, you could have employees dealing with COVID-19 and influenza at the same time. 


Encourage a Culture of Safety 

At this point, your staff should know the basics of pandemic health and safety. Above all else, your employees need to know they should stay home if they are feeling unwell. If you have staff members with children, it is almost inevitable that they will pick up a virus during flu season. Some people take pride in their ability to work through an illness. During the pandemic, a noticeably sick employee will make both coworkers and clients uncomfortable. Employees should stay home if they have symptoms such as  

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat

In the case of fever, the CDC recommends staying home for 24 hours after the fever subsides to prevent spreading the flu virus. 



Because COVID-19 is an airborne virus, the CDC recommends that people wear masks in public places. Flu viruses also travel through the air, so masks are a helpful tool in prevention. You can make mask-wearing mandatory for your employees. It is also appropriate to keep a supply of disposable masks available in case an employee or customer leaves home without a face covering. 


Social Distancing and Shared Spaces

Influenza spreads quickly when people are close to one another. Your workplace is probably set up for social distancing because of the pandemic. Employees should try to maintain a distance of six feet from one another. If customers must wait in line at your facility, it is helpful to mark the floor so that they keep the proper distance from one another.

In some workplaces, employees must share space or equipment. During the current flu season pandemic, regular cleaning and disinfecting are wise safety practices. You can also invest in extra equipment so that several people do not have to touch the same objects. For example, you could assign each employee his or her own wireless mouse and keyboard at a workstation. 


Professional Disinfecting

For thorough disinfection of the flu and COVID-19 viruses, it will take more than a few disinfecting wipes. A professional disinfecting service has specialized tools and cleaners that will help create a safe working environment at your business.

Electrostatic fogging is a nontoxic procedure that quickly eliminates viruses in a larger space. In this process, trained technicians spray a mist of positively-charged disinfecting particles throughout an area. Wherever these particles land, they kill viruses and bacteria on the surface. Because it uses a mist, this technique can reach narrow spaces that are difficult to clean.


PCT Disinfecting: Your Partner for Health and Safety

Keeping your workplace safe is a critical task. As flu season hits during the pandemic, it is best to work with a company that can ensure your facility is ready for your employees. At PCT Disinfecting, we specialize in techniques that will eliminate pathogens and promote the wellbeing of your staff members. Contact us today for more information and a free quote.

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