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Keep Your Doors Open With Our 90 Day Protectant!

Keep Your Doors Open With Our 90 Day Protectant PCT Disinfecting Blog

With commercial disinfection and viral protection more important now, more than ever, we’re offering you peace of mind for 90 days. We recently launched our SmartTouch® and SmartShield® product and fogging services to keep your office or commercial business space disinfected and protected for up to 90 days. This technology works by creating a barrier that kills viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes on contact. 

Our SmartShield® 90 day protectant is non-toxic and safe to use in any space, even restaurants or venues that deal in preparing food. For schools and daycares, SmartShield® is ideal for any high touch area to keep children safe. 

We deliver a 90 day protectant as a two step process. First, we focus on disinfecting all surfaces with an electrostatic fogger. Our fogger machines use new, EPA-registered, hospital-grade cleaner SmartTouch® to disinfect all surfaces and high-contact areas. In case you wanted to know, SmartTouch® Disinfectant is different from other disinfectant products in that it doesn’t contribute to the formation of superbugs, nor does it contain any volatile organic compounds. It’s safe to use on any type of surface from marble to carpet, it’s odorless, and it’s safe to use on surfaces that come in contact with food. 

Our next step is to protect your space for 90 days. We use our electrostatic fogging machines to disperse our SmartShield® solution, a water-based antimicrobial agent that protects surfaces from harmful microorganisms for up to 90 days. This revolutionary new product works by forming a molecular bond by sharing its electron pairs between its atoms and those of the surface to which it is applied, and inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microbiota. With these electron pairs bonded at the surface, the SmartShield® protons then carry a positive charge just above the surface, attracting the negatively-charged bacterial atoms, piercing their cell membranes and killing them for good.

For more information on how we can keep your business open and protected, call the pros at PCT Disinfecting. We serve commercial spaces in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Florida.

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