Why Hire PCT Disinfecting?

  • electrostatic disinfectant fogging

    Electrostatic Disinfection is great for disinfecting and sanitizing services at large office buildings, schools, daycare centers and more. It is safe to use and approved for disinfecting from COVID-19. Click to learn how it works!

  • cleaning, disinfection, sanitizing

    We know the differences of cleaning, disinfecting & sanitizing! What matters even more is our combined 70 years of commercial experience that effectively disinfects, sanitizes and cleans any space to keep the people you serve healthy, safe and clean!

  • antimicrobial technology

    We use cutting edge antimicrobial agents to both kill and guard against potentially deadly bacteria and viral pathogens. These formulas are powerful enough to kill on contact and safeguard surfaces for up to 90 days, but safe enough to use in the kitchen.

  • hygienically cleaned facilities

    PCT Disinfecting employs skilled cleaning technicians that work well under pressure! COVID-19 caught everyone by surprise. Our prompt reaction demands accurate, safe and effective cleaning methods to kill the coronavirus and any surface touchpoint germs!  

  • recurring commercial cleaning

    High Dusting: Removes cobwebs where ceiling and wall meet; Low Dusting: All baseboards & windowsills will be dusted; Dusting of All Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces: Hand wipe with a Microfiber towel all flat surfaces: desks, counters and more!

  • who does pct disinfecting help?

    We disinfect, sanitize and clean a wide variety of commercial spaces like: manufacturing facilities, office buildings, car dealerships, schools, restaurants, churches, industrial warehouses, daycare centers, grocery stores, malls, retail spaces and more!