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Why Electrostatic Fogging for Large Areas is the Best Method

Electrostatic Fogging Large Areas PCT Disinfecting

Why Electrostatic Fogging for Large Areas is the Best Method

With the coronavirus pandemic still growing at the same time that the flu season begins, people and businesses are doing what they can to try to keep their homes and facilities disinfected. If you have a large home or building, it might seem impossible to thoroughly disinfect everything. Fortunately, electrostatic fogging large areas can help to reach everything and properly sanitize even hard-to-reach places.

What is Electrostatic Fogging?

Electrostatic fogging is a disinfection method in which a specialized nozzle is used. The nozzle of the sprayer positively charges disinfectant particles and releases the cleaner in a fog. Since most surfaces have either a neutral or negative charge, positively charging the disinfectant as it is sprayed makes the cleaner attracted to the surfaces. This helps the disinfectant to coat everything in a large area much more thoroughly for thorough disinfection.

    Electrostatic Fogging Large Areas vs. Wet or Dry Dusting

    When you dust surfaces, it stirs the particles into the air where they will be redistributed to other surfaces. When you use wet dusting, the cleaning chemicals are spread around while the flat surfaces are being cleaned. Targeted cleaning and disinfecting of some surfaces are essential. However, when you use targeted cleaning or wet or dry dusting, many pathogens will still remain in the air and on other surfaces. Because of how electrostatic foggers charge the particles of disinfectant as they fog a large area, electrostatic fogging is a better choice for disinfecting large areas such as schools, food preparation areas, healthcare facilities, and large homes.

      How Electrostatic Disinfection Works

      With electrostatic disinfection, an electrostatic charge helps to disinfect multiple surfaces with a charged fog that coats them. A specific type of disinfectant solution is used. It combines atomized electrodes and air inside of the sprayer so that particles will be positively charged as they leave the nozzle. This helps the particles to bond to objects and surfaces and eliminate pathogens. When the cleaning and disinfecting spray evaporates, viruses and germs in the air are killed. 

      Electrostatic fogging uses a sanitizing agent that is safe for general use and that covers all surfaces. This makes it a good solution to disinfect large areas. Researchers have found that electrostatic fogging is a superior option for killing pathogens in large, open areas. Electrostatic sprayers are good choices for ridding your building or home of mold, viruses, bacteria, and odors.

      What are the Benefits of Electrostatic Fogging Large Areas?

      Most homes and buildings have surfaces that are hard to reach. It can be even more difficult when the area that requires disinfection is large and contains many different surfaces. When you use an electrostatic sprayer to fog a large space, the disinfecting agent will safely reach all of the surfaces. This method also helps to eradicate germs and viruses in the air for greater disinfection.

      Electrostatic fogging is a great choice for disinfecting areas where people congregate. If an outbreak occurs in your office, facility, or home, the cleaning and disinfecting professionals at PCT Disinfecting can use electrostatic fogging to make it safe for others to return.

      Using this disinfection method is much faster than trying to disinfect a large area with targeted cleaning and disinfection methods. This is because the disinfectant fog thoroughly bonds to surfaces and can reach everything. By comparison, regular cleaning and disinfecting methods reach much fewer surfaces and can leave pathogens and germs behind. The reach of electrostatic spray helps to protect the safety of everyone in your business or home.

      Electrostatic fogging is a good choice for many different large areas, including the following:

      • Gyms
      • Schools
      • Healthcare facilities
      • Factories
      • Lobbies
      • Office buildings
      • Whole homes


      Get help from PCT Disinfecting

      The idea of disinfecting our entire home or building might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, electrostatic fogging is a solution for ensuring that your building or home is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. The electrostatic spray can kill influenza, the novel coronavirus, and other pathogens that might be lurking around. Contact PCT Disinfecting today to receive a free quote and to learn more about how we can help you.

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