Electrostatic Cleaning is the Best Method to Use for Large Area Disinfection

Electrostatic Disinfection is great for disinfecting and sanitizing services at large office buildings, hospitals, medical facilities, schools or daycares. It is safe to use and approved for disinfecting from COVID-19.

Electrostatic disinfection is much different than dry or wet dusting. Dusting will stir particles up into the air and redistribute on to other surfaces. Wet dusting can spread the cleaning chemicals around as it cleans the flat surfaces. No other method catches germs and kills them like electrostatic disinfecting! This is why electrostatic disinfection methods are perfect for general use, as well as cleaning sensitive places like healthcare facilities, schools and food areas. 

How does Electrostatic disinfection work? An electrostatic charge helps to clean a wide variety of surfaces by spraying a “charged” mist onto objects. The electrostatic spray uses a specific cleaning solution that combines it with air and atomized electrodes inside the electrostatic sprayer. The spray contains positively charged particles that can bond to surfaces and objects killing anything it clings to. As the air dries and as the cleaning spray evaporates, any germs or viruses are killed as the air dries. 

The sanitizing agent that comes from the electrostatic disinfectant method covers all surfaces and is safe for general use. The electrostatic spray is a great solution for contaminants or germ-infested areas. Electrostatic sprayers have been used to get rid of odors, germs, viruses and mold. 

Electrostatic disinfection is great for killing germs in public places. PCT Disinfecting can bring their electrostatic disinfection services to your work place and make it safe to return back to work after the COVID-19 outbreak. Once we use our electrostatic disinfection methods at your workplace, you can call your staff members back to work! 

The electrostatic spray and disinfection method reduces the cleaning time because it works quickly and bonds to services. It can also reach farther than just an arm's length. It can cover up to 50% more than regular cleaning methods. Electrostatic disinfection can be your primary method of infection control allowing you to return to your workplace and allowing your employees to feel safe. 

Electrostatic disinfection kills Coronavirus, SARS, influenza, HIV and others. 
PCT Disinfecting prices our electrostatic disinfection based on square footage of a building. If you have a large building, call us for a quote so that we can help you get back to work!