All safety data sheets are available upon request

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant: Disinfectant made with natural ingredients. Kills over 99.99% of germs effective against blood borne pathogens contains no chlorines, phenols, quats, or other synthetic chemicals 

Spic and Span Disinfecting® All-Purpose Spray Spic and Span®: Professional-strength surface cleaner  EPA registered hospital use disinfectant.

Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner: Cleans all hard surfaces with the fighting power of Mr. Clean’s Antibacterial cleaner. Not only does it knock out dirt, it kills 99.9% of bacteria*, and works all on all hard surfaces from linoleum, to tile, to toilets and bathtubs, and even garbage cans.

The Purell Food Service Surface Sanitizer: The most effective disinfectant, killing 99.9999% of germs on surfaces (reducing cross-contamination). It was also shown to kill the Coronavirus (COVID-19)* and Hepatitis A in 60 seconds. It proved to eliminate Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli and Norovirus in 30 seconds.

Virex II 256: One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner and Deodorant; Quat Based Disinfectant.