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Commonly Overlooked Areas to Sanitize Regularly

Areas Sanitize PCT Disinfecting

Commonly Overlooked Areas to Sanitize Regularly

If you want to keep your home clean and healthy, it’s vital you know what areas to sanitize to keep harmful bacteria at bay. Use quality disinfectant tools and sprays to kill viruses around your home, and you reduce your odds of getting sick. Most people know to wipe down doorknobs and keyboards. But there are many areas of your home you might forget to sanitize if you don’t think about them.



The baseboards at the bottom of your walls need more attention than you likely give them. Over time, spills and splatters build up and harm the look of your home. Pathogens can also show up here and increase your odds of getting sick. When you overlook your baseboards, you face issues you might not have expected. Spray and wipe down your baseboards each day if you don’t want to face unneeded problems down the road.


Air Vents

Don’t forget to clean your air vents if you want to achieve the best possible results. When pathogens build up in your air vents, they circulate throughout your entire home when your heater activates. Don’t let that happen to you. You remove the vent cover and sanitize the inside of your vents. You will need a rotary brush to clean hard-to-reach places in your vents if you don’t want to miss anything. In addition to preventing the spread of disease, cleaning your vents also reduces your allergies and increases your overall well-being.


Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fan is another one of the top areas to sanitize. Your fan collects dust and pathogens as much as the other parts of your home. When you turn on your ceiling fan, the dirt and pathogens then get into the air and your lungs. Avoid that issue by keeping your ceiling fan as clean as possible. Use brushes to reach the top of your fans, or you can use a small stool if you are careful.

Make sure you wipe down the disinfectant spray and dry the fan before you turn it back on. Your fan will stay in great shape and won’t increase your odds of getting sick. When you want the best results, sanitize your ceiling fan at least once per week.



Doorknobs are one of the worst spots for viruses and bacteria. Almost everyone in your home touches your doorknobs, and they can leave pathogens and bacteria behind. Other people who touch your doorknobs then pick up the pathogens and spread them to other areas of your home.

Keeping your doorknobs clean is a great way to stop harmful pathogens in their tracks. Read the label of any disinfectant before using it so that you know what pathogens it kills, and you also want to know how to use it. Your doorknobs will maintain their vibrant shine for much longer if you use the right supplies.


Window Blinds 

Your window blinds are another area that needs attention if you want to keep your home safe and clean. Get started by brushing your blinds and cleaning off the dust, and you then find a disinfectant that won’t harm your blinds. In many cases, soap and water will do the trick.

But you want to use a good disinfectant on the string because you touch it every day. When you want results on which you can depend, you take your time and do it right. Clean your window blinds about once per week.



Your doors are another spot you want to get under control before you forget. You don’t want to wipe down your doors without using the right disinfectant. Make sure the product you use is safe on wood or the material from which your door is made. If you want to get the most from your effort, use a disinfectant made for your exact door type.


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