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Commercial Disinfecting Has a New Defense Against the Covid-19 Coronavirus

Commercial Disinfecting Has A New Defense Against The Covid-19 Coronavirus PCT Disinfecting Blog

Commercial Disinfecting Has a Defense Against Coronavirus

Medical Offices, Public Spaces, Government Buildings, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Retail, Restaurants, and High Touchpoint Space Now Has a New Defense Against the COVID-19 Coronavirus: Now Introducing SmartTouch and SmartShield! 

PCT Disinfecting is excited to unveil a brand new series of products and techniques to help protect our clients and their workspaces from harmful microorganisms. The PCT Disinfecting management team has personally met with the developers of these new products to discuss their benefits, the science behind them, and to figure out how we can quickly begin implementing them for our clients to help protect their health, their employees’ health, and that of their own clients.

What is it?

These exciting new products are called SmartTouch® and SmartShield®, and they work in tandem to both kill and guard against harmful microbes, including potentially deadly bacteria and viruses such as E. coli, listeria, H1N1, and the novel Coronavirus. The process for using these products is broken down into three important steps:

Step 1: Inspect for harmful microorganisms

Before we can start killing these microbes, we have to figure out where they’re hiding. Our team starts by swabbing for the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) compound present in all known life forms. Then, by analyzing the type and extent of the ATP detected on each surface, we can pinpoint the areas within a given space that require additional cleaning and disinfecting. From here, SmartTouch® takes over in Step 2.

Step 2: Disinfect surfaces wherever necessary

This is when we start to pull out the big guns: by filling our electrostatic fogging equipment with the new, EPA-registered, hospital-grade cleaner SmartTouch®, we disinfect all surfaces and high-contact areas identified in Step 1.

SmartTouch® Disinfectant is different from other disinfectant products in that it doesn’t contribute to the formation of super-bugs, nor does it contain any volatile organic compounds. It’s 99.99% effective at killing E. coli, listeria and salmonella in less than 60 seconds, as well as mold, mold spores, and a variety of allergens.

But even as strong as SmartTouch® is, it’s still safe to use on any type of surface from marble to carpet, it’s odorless, and it’s safe to use on surfaces that come in contact with food. There’s truly no other disinfectant like it. But we’re not done yet.

Step 3: Protect Surfaces for Up to 90 Days

We finish everything off by once again combining our electrostatic fogging machines with SmartShield®, a water-based antimicrobial agent that protects surfaces from harmful microorganisms for up to 90 days.

SmartShield® works by forming a molecular bond by sharing its electron pairs between its atoms and those of the surface to which it is applied, and inhibiting the growth and multiplication of mircobiata. With these electron pairs bonded at the surface, the SmartShield® protons then carry a positive charge just above the surface, attracting the negatively-charged bacterial atoms, piercing their cell membranes and killing them for good.

Don’t have a degree in biochemistry? Well, think of SmartShield® like an electric fence. Or better yet, a blanket of electrified spikes sticking out from the surface, neutralizing harmful bacteria and viral particles on contact, keeping surfaces free of unwanted and unhealthy intruders. By fogging SmartShield® onto surfaces, we help protect these surfaces, and the people who come in contact with them, for up to 90 days.

PCT Disinfecting is thrilled to add these powerful yet safe products to our repertoire of disinfecting and sanitizing services. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email us and we’d love to talk more about how these products can help you and your business stay healthy!

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